My first love

Ahhh! My First love!

The unnatural cadence of the heart. The inner tumult in her presence.

The unspoken words. The unwritten love-letters.

The ambrosial pleasure from her smile.

The euphoria brought about by her ebullient tress.

The everlasting yearning to catch a glimpse.

The heart wrenching pain at her absence in school.

The wild agony for the unanswered looks.

The transcendence of emotions, when she laughed.

The daunting proposal. The exultation over victory.

The electrifying feel of her first touch.

The evenings in heavens, The nights in hell.

The joy of springing while walking.

The endless blushing behind a book. The evanescence of walking together alone.

The vacuousness of endless staring at the walls. The impatience understood and teased.

The buoyancy of those nudges. The mystic rapture of decrypting those eyes. 

The turning of tides. 

The broken promises. The sleepless nights.

The futile arguments.The persuasive strokes on the cheek.

The anxiety about the future.

The unfortunate crossroads.

The flared nose. The curled lips.

The life-shattering tears.The unending hug. 

The last breath of hers I inhaled.

The striving to preserve her inside me; forever. 

The love that morphed into a memory.



4 thoughts on “My first love

  1. Thank you so much for giving me a link to your poem (A Yearning) I thought it was really beautiful!! But then my eager poetry eye caught on this one. I hate to have to choose – your poetry is very good – but I feel a lot or readers will really identify with this one. Who hasn’t suffered this in their life? Such a good description of those first love pains!

    Would it be okay to publish this poem in the second issue of The Writing Garden?

  2. Hello again, just passing by to let you know the second issue of The Writing Garden is published and includes your brilliant poem.

    I hope you like the way it’s presented, but if you see any errors or something you’d like to change, please let me know and I’ll adjust it as soon as possible. Thanks so much for allowing me to publish your work, it’s been good to meet you in the blog world! 🙂

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