The leaves of emotions

Motionless I stand in the whirlpool of insanity,

in veneration of the chaos, its absurdity, its improbability,

its sheer unpredictability.

The leaves keep on falling,

I just stand and watch.


The sun burns them to dust,

The wind swirls them off my breasts,

The merciless rain then sweeps away their cadavers,

I just stand and watch.


But, ceaselessly, the leaves fall,

The planets revolve,

The stars die,

The universe expands into nothing.

As it was before. Time passes.

I just stand and watch.


But in the stillness of night,

Desperate and hopeless.

You can find me on my knees; crying.

The tears they turn into dew.

For no one to know,

The leaves keep on falling.

I just……